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Heat fumigation is also an effective of eliminating other house-invading insects such as cockroaches, bed bugs and ants.The ProcessAs with each other termite control procedure, pest control professionals would take a while to inspect your house to identify the infested locations. Thenthey will guide about the things that need to be eliminated during the heat treatment and also the ones that must be shutdown.

Even at a considerably reduced temperature of 125 F termites can only last 10 minutes. While cockroaches being more resistant to heat can survive for 16 minutes.CostTermite heat treatment can cost around $2,500 for a 2,500 square foot homeBenefits1 ) Termite cleanup done at a significantly higher speed.2) No chemical use makes it the most environment friendly solution.Drawbacks1 ) Heat fumigation does not provides any protection for potential termite infestations.

It's important to understand what they're and how they work.   Termites are commonly known as white ants or anai-anai in local Malay language. They're small in size (4-11 mm) and also have three body parts namely, the head, thorax and abdomen. They are social insects that live in colonies.

Each caste has its own function within a colony that characterized by the allotment of labor within the castes together with the sharing of meals, shelter and sources and cooperation in rearing the young. Termite colonies contain nymphs, workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, sometimes containing several egg-laying queens.



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Apart from damaging the beauty of the house, they also wreck its value. The damages caused by termites cannot be overruled. Termites can cause havoc if the issue is not solved. In the event the danger remains undetected, you might find them spreading all over the house. This is going to result in heavier losses as you would need untimely repairs.Types of TermitesThere are many species of termites, 45 to be exact.

The good news is that all of them are categorized into three types; subterranean, drywood termites, dampwood termites.1 ) Subterranean TermitesThis specie is among the very best insects which build the biggest nests in the US. Subterranean termites live in the dirt, and connect their nests through mud tubes to feast sources such as trees or structural timer in your house.

But since their colonies are not as big as Subterranean termites, the damage is done in a much quicker pace. These dont need any kind of contact with the dirt, and as its name implies they can live in any kind of wooden constructions inside your house.3) Dampwood TermitesThese belong to species that are seldom found in homes and man-made buildings, nor do they reside in the dirt.



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What theyre really following is cellulose.  One of the most abundant organic compounds on Earth that can be found in wood or plant cells.And any tiniest of gaps left behind leading in to a home, are treated as a proper invitation by termites. Deficiency of ventilation and increased moisture can also help endure and invite in to your home.What are Signs of InfestationA new termite infestation starts in a swarm.

When a termite colony is fully-developed, it starts producing swarmers termites with wings. These swarmers fly out from their colonies, find a partner, and when their wings are dropped they mate. These swarming seasons can occur in different occasions for different termites.For subterraneans, this season begins when it begins to get warmer, usually after a rain event.



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Then here are a few signs that you would visit:1 ) Damaged Wood Structures or Furniture: Once termites are in your home, they begin feasting.  They gradually eat the wood, making it hollow. Engineered wood also means your house has been infested for quite a while now. In which case you should take security measures without any delay.2) Mud-Tubes: Whenever termites find a food-source they can feed upon for a long time.



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Presence of these tubes clearly indicate termite infestation.3) Shedded Wings: Nature only gives swarming termites wings that they can fly into their new colonies. However, once they get there, and start mating. Their wings drop off. You can spot the difference between the wings of termites and flying ants by looking at their length.

They kinda look like coffee grounds mixed with sand. Termite-droppings is also red-flag about infestation.Popular Termite Chemical Extermination Methods1) Liquid Chemical Barrier (Repellent Treatment):One of those old-school methods, still extensively used is that the liquid chemical barrier or repellent treatment. Repellents are liquid chemicals which are consumed in soil to create a barrier for termite invasion.

They wipe out a small percentage of termites which get in contact. The task of a liquid repellent is to divert any termites coming your way and it does this work fairly effectively. On the other hand, there are some weak points published here of this treatment too. In fact, its quite difficult to soak every piece of dirt around your house.

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